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>> okay. it's game time, the 49ers quest for the sixth super bowl title is now just six days away. a couple things for you here. we better finalize our super bowl sunday viewing party and for the next six days keep it here. we have sent more than 20 people to new orleans. both of them setting up shop in the bayou, our mobile set is at 1 canal street on the banks of the mississippi river, right in the middle of the party. and so is joe kozimore, he is kicking off the 49ers coverage tonight, good evening, jim. >> janell and wow, everyone has their mind on football and why not? super bowl xlvii coming you up, with the 49ers hoping to win their sixth overall super bowl crown. and the ravens being the opponent. as of now, sports and the worlds of politics starting to collide. president barack asked if he had
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a son, would he let him play football and here is what he said. i'm a big football fan, i have to tell you, if i had a son, i would think long and hard before letting him play football and i think those of us who love the sport have to wrestle with the fact that it will probably change gradually to try to reduce some of the violence. today, at his media session. 49ers head coach jim harbaugh had quite the entertaining response. >> i have a four month old, soon to be 5 month old, son, jack harbaugh, and president obama feels that way, then, there would be less competition for jack harbaugh when he gets older. and so, with that, the 49ers have some other news to make, and we will talk about it on the field. today, head coach jim harbaugh
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named alden smith mvp. >> he was on pace to destroy the sack record of 22-1/2, but at 19-1/2, that is where he still remains. his teammates are unconcerned, voting him the season's mvp, smith said he is surprised by the honor but not surprised that he was held without a sack for the last five games now. >> i'm getting double teamed a lot. and triple teamed. and the quarterbacks are getting the ball out fast. if i'm not making a play, there were times that i was double teamed and a sack comes by somebody else. >> you don't have the sacks there, that low hanging fruit for people to see. >> smith has a forced fumble and a fumble recovery in these playoffs, so he is very much still a part of the 49ers pass rush. but his choice for team mvp this season is his childhood idol,
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randy moss. in new orleans, with the 49ers, nbc bay area. >> and throughout the week, we will have more and more coverage from the 49ers quest for six. six super bowl crowns. coming up, we will tell you about two of the members of the defenseive unit. both with a unique relationship. reporting from the banks of the mighty mississippi. i'm jim kozimore. nbc bay area news. >> jim kozimore, looking sharp and he will be reporting all week for us. the super bowl bet, dianne feinstein and barbara boxer made a wager. both cities known for crab, if the ravens win, we send them dungenous crab, sourdough bread, and if they win, they will send us baltimore beer. and crab cakes.
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here is terry white, he is a long time 49ers fan, he is going to his sixth super bowl. he has been to all of them now, courtesy of jed york. he received an e-mail from york and at first he thought it was fake. but it was true. he can thank the article that talked about his five previous super bowl trips. he was planning to watch this at home, now he is headed to the big easy. >> to go to six, i'm totally blessed. it's -- i'm still kind of in shock. to tell you the truth. i just didn't think it was going to happen. >> can you imagine getting tickets to the super bowl courtesy of the owner, white will be taking his friends' nephew to the game. the 49ers, in case you did not know, are 5-0 when it comes to super bowls. >> a good record. >> how would you like the monday after the super bowl to be a holiday. that is what fans are wanting to
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do. every monday after the super bowl is to be a national holiday, a petition has 8,000 signatures and needs 100,000 by the 23rd for the white house to consider the request. we have more journalists on the ground in new orleans than any other station. and coming up, in just a few minutes, the super commercials are already starting. but do these previews kill the super bowl buzz? our busy tech reporter skod budman will take a look coming up. >> and former 49ers player is facing nine years in prison for allegedly beating up his ex-boyfriend. harris got into a fight with his ex-boyfriend, and his attorney
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confirming that he was a acting in self defense. he was a first round pick in 2003 and played for the raiders. >> now, a follow-up to the store that we brought to you on friday, a hazing investigation in an east bay high school could result in sexual assault charges against the five boys that were expelled. the nature of the alleged hazing is to explicit for the news cast. we have the latest on the case. >> things are definitely heating up here at saint patrick/saint vincent catholic church. they are launching a criminal investigation into the alleged hazing incident that took place between varsity football players and jv players last season. the police say they intend to talk to everyone involved. the coaches, the players and any witnesses to try to determine exactly what happened, and if it would criminal. according to the head coach, who was fired over the hazing incident after he brought the
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allegations to the principal's attention. jv football players confided in him that they were victimized by varsity players. the varsity players used their genitals to torment the players. the coach wrote, if true, these allegations amount to sexual assault. legal analysts agree that the accusations are serious. >> if it's true, from what i understand, the facts to be for the boys to do and subject those young men the junior varsity people to what they subjected them to, is it is sexual battery? absolutely. there's no question about it. it is sexual battery. >> the sacramento diocese that oversees the high school said it welcomes the police investigation, and will fully cooperate, they say they are
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offering counciling to all six boys they say were victimized and to the boy's family. no word on how long the police investigation will take. reporting live in vallejo. joed, thank you, new details tonight in the gunman hoax that shut down three school campuses in sunny vale last friday, the district attorney's office is being asked to file criminal charges, against a man who made up a story saying that he saw a gunman on campus. it was a fabrication. the schools were all locked down for hours. sunnyvale officers were called in early and kept in overtime, in addition to requesting help from neighboring police agencies. the police chief does not want to tell how much the hoax cost because he does not want to
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discourage others from reporting incidents. >> a few quirky fixtures meant to brighten spirits may be removed. dozens of paint today gnomes have been showing up, and they are worried that the screws for the gnomes could hurt the integrity of the poles. they are working to find other homes for the gnomes. >> we will take a look, is this the fix in millions americans suffer the pain of migraines, the new item that you can wear to eliminate the headaches. >> they are the most expensive super bowl ads ever, why can we see them online now? the social experiment coming up.
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>> and good afternoon, on this monday, a lot of sunshine, nice day, we do have the cloud cover increasing, we will let you know when 70s return, and if you are looking ahead, there's a sneak peek for the forecast in new orleans. and a bit of cloud cover.
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>> a healthy dose of san francisco , the mayor said the city the vital, and strong. today was the state of the address, the state of the city address, he spoke before a large crowd at college track in the bay view this morning. college track is a new he educational program that helps students from under served communities reach their goals. he said over the past year, unemployment in san francisco has dropped to 6.5%. that is down from 9.6% when he first took office. he said there were more jobs is
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and construction and green tech, and san francisco remains a top tourist destination. >> from the sunset to the mission to right here in the bay view. we are witnessing a rebirth of local manufacturing. fashion and artisinal food production that bares the label, made in san francisco. a stamp, yes. >> made in san francisco. and he talked about a lot of points of pride. a new cruiseship personal, the world champ giants and the 49ers super bowl run. >> one of the topics that he touched on was the need for immigration reform. it was also part of a conference in washington, d.c. with a frame work agreed upon. >> for the first time ever, there's more risk in opposing immigration reform than in supporting it. >> this is consistent with our country's tradition of being a nation of laws and a nation of immigrants.
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>> the legislation would create a path to citizenship for unauthorized immigrants here. address the boarder and reform the legal immigration system to keep families together, award green cards to i mmigrants that receive advanced degrees, and penalize employers that allow illegal immigrants. well, she did not touch the immigration topic but the first hispanic justice of the u.s. supreme court did speak out about one hot button issue today. sonia is sotomayor spoke at a commonwealth event. we have the impact she made today. stephanie, sfwog have her in town. >> much to the delight of people that came. hundreds of people packed the theater and no seats were empty. they were all quiet and listened
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to her talk about her book. she kicked it all off by getting out ahead of the moderator before the start of the hour long q&a. >> justice ginsburg told my i would love my time with you. >> and she opened with humor, a theme she continued throughout the talk. the associate justice of the supreme court has been serving since august 2009, she said she loves her work and others find it boring hearing 60 to 80 cases a year, spending two work weeks in the court room and the rest of the time spent reading and writing. she talked about impacting countless lives each and every time they made a decision. >> it keeps you humble. you are not god. because hopefully god is more
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merciful than sometimes you can be as a judge. but more importantly, that no matter how good an answer you think you have given, someone is going to feel there's an injustice. >> boy, that quieted the crowd. >> now, the justice also saying that affirmative action helped her quite a bit. she got into princton, she told people to work hard when they get the foot in the door. she stuck to one supreme court decision which is not to touch on the hot button topics like same sex marriage or the affirmative action or immigration reform, i should say. we will hear more about the emotional reaction the crowd had to hur talk coming up at 6:00.
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>> returning to the 49ers coverage of the quest for the sixth super bowl championship. i'm waiting for the score to come to my head. we know the biggest number, $3.8 million. >> we have to listen to her, she predicted correctly the last two games. >> what is the number for? >> the commercial. that is what it will cost you for an ad during the game. why are the companies showing the big super bowl ads today? is this something new? >> yeah, it's early, but there's a reason for letting the advertising cat out of the bag, as popular as the ads are, the companies want you to remember the spots, and they feel you are more likely to do it online. they are using social media to get the message across. >> it involves social media and online, and you know, contests
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as well as, you know, the actually event itself. >> and that is the default now? >> the triple crown. >> triple crown, and of course, that man is involved. one man hiring him for his super bowl ad hoping he can bring manufacture his online magic to the tv screen. now, some of the spots have already been seen millions times online, which, if you think about it, gives the advertiser more bang for the buck. we will have more super bowl ads for you tonight at 6:00 as we await your prediction. >> okay. >> friday at 5:00. >> oh, 5:00 for sure. jeff with his whether prediction. are you as good as janell? >> of course. she knows what pressure is on us. i'm looking forward to the numbers as we come up throughout the week. right now, the numbers are up at the coast line, winds gusting from 20-40 miles an hour. wind whip waves, advise for the caution for tonight or tomorrow.
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it's producing a dry northly wind, it helped us warm up a bit today. plenty of mid and upper 50s and dropping to the low 50s. let's go to the sky camera network on this monday. you see the have vale of cloud cover, as the sunsets for tonight. we will have have incredible sunsets this week as the air quality will echbtdly be suffering but warmer air coming our way. we are getting the cloud cover from the storm system off to the north. to rainfall from this for us, high pressure is already starting to build in. it's going to get stronger each and every day. tuesday, wednesday and thursday, temperatures are going to be slowly going up, we are looking at a mild trend as we go through the next 48 hours. after a cold start in the morning, the temperatures by the afternoon will go up to the 60s and potentially that is right, even if a few 70s coming. we will see thursday of this week, the heat will peak out,
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los gatos 69. temperatures are dropping off in the north bay tonight. 35 in santa rosa, and 36 in concord. areas of patchy fog. cold for the east bay. 40 in san jose. by tomorrow, a lot of sunshine, hazy, temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s. one of the warmer pots will be the south bay andly cooler back here for the east bay. on the three day forecast, we keep sunshine, tuesday, wednesday and thursday, and again, a few 70s possible for thursday's forecast, for the up coming weekend, wed cloud cover, even if you cannot go to new orleans for the super bowl game, for the 49ers, back here at home, your tailgating party, we will have dry weather. you know, you can cheer on the san francisco 49ers on sunday.
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can already feel the fever in the studio joe. >> yeah. it's going to be awesome. >> six -- i had to think about scott budman. sorry. is less drastic treatment more successful. the new findings when it comes to treati ining breast cancer. back in a minute.
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>> in health matters toept, migrain headaches effect 31 million americans. a doctor has developed a type of sunglasses to ease the pain, it blocks the wave lengths of light that trigger the headaches. clinical trials begin next month. >> women with early stage breast cancer that undergo lumpectomy are more likely to survive than those that undergo a mastectomy, researches found it to be the case regardless of age or cancer type, but critics say it's flawed and does not closely examine the risk of the cause of cancer. back in a moment.
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>> you know, i brought the flip flops out too early. it was a little cold, but i can bring them back out later this week. >> yes, we have 70s coming and as we go to wednesday and thursday, it will be fine. >> thank you. >> hope to see you at 6:00. >> good night.
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on the broadcast tonight. no way out. for hundreds of young people, suddenly trapped in a huge fire inside a club. tonight, what it was like inside, and what they have learned about why the exits were blocked.
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changing course at the boy scouts. a big reversal being considered at an organization that's been a way of life for more than 100 million american kids. fighting breast cancer. big news tonight for women facing the decision between lumpectomy or mastectomy. tonight, what they're saying about which procedure could hold the better key to survival. and going to extremes. weather whiplash across a huge part of our country. get ready for near-record highs right before temperatures take a dramatic plunge. "nightly news" begins now. from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with brian williams. good evening. it was the saddest news this weekend. over 230 people killed in a single, horrifying incident. and beyond the tragedy itself, it made so many people think of their own lives and situations they've been in, and incidents like it in the past. a nightclub
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